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Company Topical 14.03.2019


Last year, MinebeaMitsumi celebrated the opening of their new plant in Košice, Slovakia. That is where Jakub Takac has been working as a Process Engineer since March 2018. He studied Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering Management and is now supporting the team in Slovakia in the area of realization and installation of new production lines.

It is one of the tasks of the 34 year old to develop processes and to optimise them right afterwards – but there is so much more to do than only taking care of processes, as he points out. As a Process Engineer, Jakub is also responsible for the set-up of production systems and their components in order to grant a smooth operation during manufacturing processes. In our interview, he tells us about his work and the experiences he gained during his first year at the newly opened production plant in Košice.

“In my job, I’m dealing with many different tasks. I create instructions for machine operators, I give trainings during project phases and define action plans. Furthermore, I perform audits, draw up process reports and I set up calculation models that enable us to develop products and processes. At the very beginning right after the company was founded, the greatest challenge for us has been to work with a large number of quite different employees. They differed from each other in their origins and range of skills. It’s amazing to see we’re an experienced team by now and cooperating with each other works out really well. It’s super important to get in touch with colleagues in case of questions or suggestions. In doing so, it’s quite easy to find a solution. Another challenge to cope with is the transfer of production lines since there’s always unexpected tasks to handle. If there’s a transfer to manage, we never have that much time between the actual transfer, rebuilding the line and the ensuing qualification – usually, only a few days.

I was able to get to know many great and really nice colleagues from other subsidiaries of MinebeaMitsumi.  That’s something I’m really grateful for.  It’s a major benefit to work with international colleagues since it makes work a lot more diversified and exciting. In general, work at MinebeaMitsumi is multifaceted and we get the chance to gain knowledge, learn a lot of new things and work with high-tech machines. I’m really proud to be one of the first employees to work at MinebeaMitsumi in Košice. My colleagues and I, we’re part of a company operating on an international scale and we’re creating loads of products that are used in a wide range of fields.

I often get to see my colleagues after work: We’re doing lots of sports together or have some pints in the evening. What’s more, I love all kinds of outdoor activities and I appreciate a lot being in nature. During winter, I often go out swimming in the lake to keep well and fit. What I am also more than happy about is that I became a father in January.”