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Company 12.01.2017     Author: Julia Mischke

myonic honored with „Gold Award“ by Customer COM DEV

As one of the 50 major suppliers myonic was awarded with the „Gold Supplier Award“ for outstanding performance last year by the Canadian customer DOM DEV International.

COM DEV International is the world's leading producer of satellite technology which is used for communication purposes and earth and remote satellite sensing. Our ball bearings are used in various switches for satellites. The extreme conditions in space - high variations in temperature, long life in a rough surrounding - are a challenge our parts have to cope with.

Since 2006 we have been working together with the company from Ontario. The suppliers are audited annually on site and have to meet the strict regulations for aviation and aerospace .Additionally the quality of the delivery is assessed by a scorecard. In doing so, quality, delivery on time and cooperation are of main importance. Assessments beyond the average are taken into consideration at the end of the year and are remunerated by a bronze, silver, gold or platinum award. On the occasion of the supplier audit this year Aleksandra Lakic (Supplier Quality Engineer) and Dan Proulx (Director Supplier Quality) of COM DEV handed over the award. The award celebration took place in the presence of the whole staff as the excellent performance is the result of a smooth cooperation of many departments. A few days later the Czech colleagues were also awarded on the occasion of a personal visit.

Siegfried Sgier, quality manager of myonic, thanked the staff for the outstanding team performance and said: „The efforts were worth the price – and at the same time they are a stimulation to even exceed the quality features which are high anyway in order to win the "platinum supplier award" in the next year!“