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Company 14.11.2017     Author: Julia Mischke

myonic Kids Day 2017

On Friday, 6 November 2017 the first myonic kids’ day took place and all staff kids between 4 and 13 were invited to get to know their dad’s or mum’s company and to collect hands-on experience. To top it off the pictures and winners of a Christmas card-painting activity were published.

Hustle and bustle in the myonic canteen: President Bernhard Böck, the trainers and apprentices as well as some ladies in charge welcomed 46 staff kids. The organizers hadn’t expected such a rush. Thus, the kids were divided into 3 age groups and the stations were built up according to age. While the „elder“ kids learned about the company and the products during a company tour and visited the workplace of their parent, the younger ones were allowed to assemble a tractor or a solar wind wheel themselves in the apprentices‘ workshop. The nine apprentices looked after the children and assisted in assembling, engraving etc.

The group of the 6 - 9-year-olds had meanwhile started to paint, to do brickwork or to play parlor games in the creative corner. After 45 minutes they switched places so that all groups had passed the same 3 stations at the end of the kids’ day. An exciting morning makes you hungry . Therefore, all participants were served delicious pasta and pudding in the myonic canteen.

The highlight after the refreshment was the award of the Christmas card painting activity: At the end of summer 19 staff kids had painted their most beautiful winter/Christmas pictures. 3 of them were chosen and decorate this year’s myonic Christmas card. The winners were awarded great vouchers for theme parks. The other participants were given games as a consolation gift.

At last myonic thanked the kids for their motivated participation – continuation is not excluded…